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With the firm intention of providing better possibilities of a high education to outstanding students from low-income families, BBVA Continental and the Pontificial Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) have an agreement to fully fund 16 scholarships through our foundation.

Today, 9 years later, we have helped 56 young people (41 of them already graduated) finish their studies in one of the best universities in Peru. In that way, we contribute to the progress of our country.

Fully funded scholarships

We provide full financial support (academic and school fees) and accidents, oncological and educational insurances, plus feeding costs. We also give the students a bonus for their English courses in Idiomas Católica (the bonus is based on the English level they need to achieve in order to finish their studies at university) and another bonus to finance the costs of the Bachelor’s degree (this is only valid if the procedure is initiated in the first six months after the graduation).

The scholarship renewals every year and lasts until the student finishes his studies or until the estimated time to finish the studies is up.
The BBVA Foundation fully funds 16 scholarships to students of the Pontificial Catholic University of Peru who have outstanding marks and come from low-income families.

The call for scholarships applications is subject to the vacancies, either by the culmination of studies of a scholarship holder or by the loss of a scholarship.


Requirements for being a scholarship holder

– Being in the 1st or 2nd scale of the pension system of the university.
– Having studied at least one semester in any of the departments of the selected faculties.
– Having an academic record that ranks the student in the top 10% of his class according to the accumulated CRAEST of his department and level of studies.



Communication for the Development
Sculpture and Graphic Design
Top Management
Industrial Engineering


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