A child who understands what he reads is a citizen who thinks and contributes to the progress. A child who reads has more possibilities to reach his goals, be conscious of his duties and demand his rights. He becomes a better citizen.

The program

In 2007, in cooperation with the academy and the government, the BBVA Foundation started a joint work to face the challenge of making every Peruvian student understand what they read. Thus, we created the program “Reading means being ahead”.

The benefits not only affect the students. Teachers also have received the positive impacts of this program. Now they have an efficient methodology that will make a huge difference in future students.

Key of the program

Our three success factors

Local content

The program has created specific books for each region. Students can identify themselves with the stories they read in the classroom. In that way, a child from Loreto reads stories about the Amazon River, while another child from Arequipa has a book with information about the Misti Volcano.

Strong partnership between the public sector, the academy and the enterprise

These three social actors have joined forces in order to reach a common goal through a shared strategy based on consolidated resources and will to collaborate.

Participatory training

Teachers develop conceptual, pedagogic and methodological abilities they will use when teaching comprehensive reading. Throughout this process they are instructed and receive feedback about their performance.

Reading in Peru

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