Feel the art in your soul

We seek to promote democratic access to different artistic manifestations. We are convinced that consuming culture in all its aspects promotes respect, tolerance and directs our decisions towards the common welfare.

We consider theatre as one of the essential arts because it allows an exchange of roles between the audience and the actors. In that way, we have a better understanding of our society.
With that in mind, in 2007 we contributed to the building of the Mario Vargas Llosa Theatre, located in the National Library. Since then, we support the annual theater season of the Catholic University Cultural Center, Teatro Larco and Teatro de Lucía. Also, the BBVA Foundation has promoted the work of national talents, such us the plays of Mariana de Althaus, a recognized Peruvian playwright. Since 2016, looking forward to promote innovative and inclusive projects, the Foundation will support the annual season of Microteatro, which is generating new talents, authors and actors.
  • Microteatro
  • Teatro Larco
  • Teatro de Lucía
We also support the national cinematography.
Prize-winning films like “El Evangelio de la Carne”, “Magallanes”, “El Elefante Desaparecido” and “Ella & Él” received support from our cinematographic fund.
In recent years we have started to promote outdoor cinemas through the donation of projection equipment to the Miraflores City Hall and the Lima Contemporary Art Museum (MAC).
  • Cine Bajo Las Estrellas
  • Séptimo Árbol
  • Festival de Cine
In our search of promoting the creation of new cultural areas, in 2011 the BBVA Foundation supported significantly setting up the MAC. After a first contribution, our institution has continued supporting consistently the museum’s program and we have helped make possible the exposition in Lima of magnificent artists like Vik Muniz, David LaChapelle and Baldomero Pestana.
  • MAC
We have sponsored this Peruvian contemporary art event for the last 45 editions with the objective of keep generating access to culture. This initiative started with a group of volunteers from the USA Embassy that every year tries to benefit institutions that promotes projects focused on the welfare of children, women and elders with low-income from different communities in Peru.
Since 2015 we are part of the organization of the Hay Festival, a well-known international literary meeting that was created in a welch village and is organized in many different cities around the world. One of them is Arequipa.